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You Few, You Cozy Few

There number of people I've knit for, at some point, is probably under fifty. Immediately family, some gifts for people at work, and a few very close friends.

Friends who are close enough that I'll knit for newborns are fewer. The Blonde is one of them though and I've been chugging away this month on a baby blanket for her. As her due date is just about two weeks out, it was none too soon that I wrapped it up today--except for the end weaving parts.  It's over 4' long and over 3' wide, though not perfectly square. More square than had I religiously followed the pattern (Mason Dixon, Book 1) but not quite square nonetheless. Also, I did an applied I-cord border, which took 3 CDs of Ranger's Apprentice Book 6: The Siege of Macindaw to accomplish (about 3 hours). Thank heavens John Keating has a phenomenal reading voice.

Tomorrow I'll break out Mythbusters Collection 5 and see about weaving in those ends.  Or perhaps Book 7--depending on if it's in at …

Happy and Healthy

I've been wool shopping again. Would you believe that I'm actually down from the last two years running? I started tracking my yarn purchases two years ago in a spreadsheet and was just slightly frightened when I got to the end of the year and realized what the total number was. I did slightly better in 2009 and I'm hoping to again lower that amount in 2010. I know, it would easy to say "Just stop buying" but there's so many gorgeous yarns out there, plus special projects I can't necessarily plan for, and I'm helping keep at least one LYS in business.

I did catch the 15 minute window of Wollmeise Lace a couple of days back at The Loopy Ewe. Firefox Update Add-On for the serious win. But I am a somewhat realistic hedgehog (stop laughing, I said somewhat) and I don't knit with laceweight more than once in a blue moon. So I caught my sister, who also happened to be online, and suggested she pick out a color for her birthday. Birthday shopping for one…

Speaking of the Unique Sheep S&S Tea Club....A Finished Object!

I finished something! I's a rarity and you're all grabbing your emergency inhalers. Just because my cast-on-itis has run rampant.

I blocked and wove in the ends on the Traveling Rainbow!

Pattern: Traveling Woman Shawl
Yarn: Unique Sheep Green Cotton/Bamboo Fingering, Persephone Colorway from the US Sip-n-Stitch Shipment #1
Modifications: Increased stockinette section for one extra repeat at start of Chart A; one additional round of Chart A; an extra two rows in the third round of Chart A--oops.
Size: Approximately 54" by 20" --I didn't measure it before I packed it.
For: :) It's a surprise....I'll update when she gets it.
Obligatory adorable cat photo:

Okay....I Get It Now

SPOILERS if you're in the Unique Sheep Sip & Stitch Tea Club.....

I came home on Tuesday drained and crabby. The vast majority of those feelings had to do with the fact that coughing had kept me up most of Monday night and I'd had a long day and faking it only goes so far. I desired nothing more than an episode of Numb3rs and some way-too-salty-to-be-good-for-me snack. And ice cream. And a hug. And some cough meds. And....

From where you walk into my building, I can see sorta/kinda my apartment door. Specifically, I can see if there is something leaning against my door. Now, I've been pretty good and have only ordered yarn for one project since I got back from ALA and that was a special order for yarn that someone else is going to be paying for--I'm just doing the knitting. And there was no way that the custom order from the dyer was in yet. So when I saw a box, I was surprised. I already had gotten a box from the Incredibly-Patient-Mother with an elephant and som…

Souvenier Yarn and I am a Sheep

So, as mentioned before, I went to DC for a librarian's conference (btw--I typed knitting conference first). While I didn't really do a lot in the knitting department, I did get some time in at a yarn store.

Plans were made with a friend on Plurk to meet up mid-Monday and then our only question was where to go. I reached out to Wendy Johnson, designer of a boatload of lovely shawls and socks, and was promptly told of fibre space. We ventured forth into Alexandria and were well rewarded for braving the 30 minute train ride and 10 minute walk.

fibre space is absolutely charming! Yarns are sorted by weight (sensibly--I've never grasped the mindset behind one store I was in that sorted by color.) and they have a number of indie designers and dyers. I saw some Wendy patterns even, but restrained myself. I had already bought one of her patterns that wouldn't get cast on during conference. My companion bought some beautiful fall colored yarns to make a Clapotis. The winding …

I Really Should Know Better

Getting a season of a television series from work is somewhat akin to putting me into a yarn store having a 75% off the good stuff sale. You know you're going to overload, over indulge, and wake up at three a.m. wondering "Did I really need the puce mohair? I don't really even LIKE mohair."

But when you only have the DVDs for a week, one tends to spend many hours in those worlds... Currently I'm watching Numb3rs, something I've caught occasional episodes of live and very much enjoyed. Crime television with an emphasis on the crime being solved--not gruesome details or images that are going to keep me up  nights. I like how the characters are written and the interesting mathematical explanations.

Yesterday, in a fit of "it's my day off and I don't feel good and I'm just going to sit here and knit" I curled up with Season 2 and watched far too many episodes to be good for my overall well being. By the time I stumbled off to bed I had a num…

Shawling Along....

Hopes, I had them, of getting knitting done while I was recently traveling to the American Library Association Annual Conference. I wound three fresh skeins of yarn, picked out patterns with the assistance of Sibling-the-Elder, planned needles to take through airport security.

I apparently forgot my propensity to sleep on long flights. I rarely get even the "free" in flight beverage because I'm fast asleep and have no desire to be awoken for a can of orange juice. Usually I'm sleeping balancing a cup of coffee anyway--I do pretty well at that I have to say. But generally speaking 1-3 rows after take off and I'm out cold. So much knitting time lost to sleeping.

I have only ten rows left on the Rainbow Shawl and it's all lacey type rows, which meant it wasn't really conducive to traveling, being hauled to conference sessions, being dropped mid-row when I needed to do something.

I started with a "We're Different Okzident" skein of Wollme…

In Which There is MORE new yarn...

I'm considering leaving my coworkers instructions--if you don't hear from me within a couple of days, the stash should be searched. 

Two weekends ago I grabbed up three of my knitting girls for WWKIP in Viroqua. Owner Kathryn was hosting and we were off. It was a gorgeous sunny day. The girls browsed about the shop and I sat outside with the Rainbow Shawl. No new pictures of that, I haven't touched it in days. 

So of course, being that we were in a yarn store and all, I bought yarn.  I got some new Berroco but I've already stuffed it somewhere in the pre-traveling-house-sitter-coming cleaning frenzy and my brain has managed to completely erase where it was that I put it. 

Fortunately, I also hit the hand-dyed sock yarn wall and I didn't hide that from myself--so not all is lost:

Now, if you look in my stash you'll see I already have some yarn that is very very similar to this. In fact, it's probably dang near close to identical. (I haven't compared them…